About Us

Whether its catching a wave in Hawai'i or enjoying a powder day on the snowboard in Park City, Utah, my active outdoor lifestyle has taught me to demand the best from everything I use. Unfortunately, I was never able to find a lip balm that met my exceedingly high standards -- one that would protect me from the harsh elements without the use of chemicals or oxides; a lip balm that was all natrual, smooth, not waxy, and definetly not loaded up with unnecessary ingredients.

It all began when I started making a shea butter-based lip balm for myself, then I gave them away as gifts, and that turned into filling orders as wedding favors for my friends and family. After much encouragement and many years of fine tuning, it has now turned into a business. With my love of the islands, the richness of the land and culture, I am able to incorporate the flavors of the Hawaiian Islands into my lip balm and finally share it with you.

Mahalo Nui Loa to all my friends and family who have encouraged me to take a risk and share my labor of love with the world!

The name, Honu Lani

The name Honu Lani came about after diving and snorkling in the Hawaiian waters. I am always in awe every time I see a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. There's always a sense of peace that comes over me as I swim with them in their wild natural environment; it's always so magical and heavenly. Honu Lani, Heavenly Sea Turtle.

Malama Na Honus, Protecting the Sea Turtles

Giving back and helping out. If you've made it out to Hawai'i you probably already know that the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles are still a threatened species, hunted almost to extinction for their meat, skins and shells. The nonprofit Malama Na Honu Foundation in Hawai'i volunteers their time and resources to help protect and educate visitors, even locals about the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle. A portion of our sales goes to the Malama Na Honu Foundation.


Lana Nichols